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Hochzeitsfotografin aus Zürich Stefanie Chareonbood


Exactly as it is - real and honest. A story that lasts a lifetime.

Hi, I’m Steffi and I live in Zurich, Switzerland.

I’m a hopeless romantic and I believe in true love – that two people are made for each other, soulmates! You’ve found your soulmate, and it fills me with so much joy that you have found me. For me, being able to contribute to the “most important day of your life” and capture unforgettable moments for you is the greatest gift. It’s not about the perfect snapshot, it’s about the real, authentic moments that make this day special. Every smile, every tear, smitten looks, loving touches, giggles, joyful dances …. I’ll capture all of these beautiful moments for you.

As more than “just” the photographer, I will be by your side all day long. Consider me your shadow for the day – a steady hand, a counselor, and a friend. It is my honor to witness the beginning of your lifelong journey together. Your trust is my most valuable asset and I will handle it carefully.

What I like:

Fresh smoothies, ocean breeze, people laughing out loudly, good conversation, dolphins, good and healthy food, jeans jackets (all sorts of jackets), creoles, authentic people, adventurous people, nutella, dancing, functional training, yoga, pilates, gummi bears with sugar, flowers, and TRAVELLING. I would like to see the whole world!

What I dislike:

Wind and rain in combination, resentment, sore muscles, olives, wasabi, too hot drinks, spiders, and that I do not like things.

What differentiates me from other wedding photographers?

Aside to wedding photography, I am also a passionate fashion and lifestyle photographer. This also results in my personal style: authentic, genuine, with a touch fashion. If you like, I invite you to browse here:

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